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Available for service, repairs and MOTs in Leicester

Electric car specialists

As the effects of combustion engines on the environment get more scrutinised, people are slowly shifting their attention to electric cars, which are much more environmentally friendly and cheaper with the ever-increasing fuel prices. With this, electric vehicle issues have also risen, which need to be repaired in due time by a fully qualified garage,
If there are problems with your electric car, possibly a battery or motor issue, you can come to eTech Midlands for the necessary electric car repairs. We have experienced mechanics and professional electric car specialists who check for any problems in your car and perform the required repairs.

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Prices start at £60

There are two different services offered at eTech Midlands, minor service and major service. These will cover multiple types of checks, changes, and other work that could be carried out during the service.

Some examples of checks or changes:

  • Wheels and Tyres

  • Brakes

  • Lights

  • Engine

  • Steering and Suspension

  • Fluid Changes

  • Filter Changes

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Priced at £40

We are a fully equipped vehicle repair, we can also provide you with an MOT test (by a 3rd party). We only employ qualified engineers.

Our mission is simple, to provide our customers with quality service and maintenance repair using the best quality parts for reliability.

We promise to

  • Accurately diagnose your vehicle faults before starting any work

  • Be clear on repairs needed through images and video if required

  • Confirm the cost with you first and give an honest, accurate price

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Using industry-leading equipment

Electric and hybrid vehicles are the same as conventional cars, the difference being that they also run on electricity and petrol or diesel.

  • At eTech Midlands, we have always embraced the latest in diagnostic equipment. Still, more importantly, our technicians undergo regular training and are fully trained to service, maintain, repair and diagnose problems with electric and hybrid cars.

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Fast and effective

Hybrid and electric vehicle repairs are more complex and require specialist tooling. Our garage in Leicester uses advanced diagnostic equipment, enabling our technicians to find the faults through the vehicle’s subsystem. By plugging into a port on the ECU, we receive cross-referenced fault codes to tell us exactly what the problem is.
These codes allow us to deliver faster, more effective car repairs on your electric or hybrid vehicles.

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Safe and secure

Needless to say, brakes are one of the most important factors in any car. Keeping them in tip-top condition is essential. Our specially trained technicians have all the tools and skills required to carry out any work on braking systems.

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For an electric and hybrid car garage in Leicester, call eTech Midlands today.

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