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Choosing an electric vehicle will save you money and help the environment.

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Electric vehicles are better for everyone's health

Electric vehicles are now much more popular, and it’s not hard to see why. The list of electric vehicle benefits is vast, from environmental and health benefits to low running and servicing costs.

Whilst the cost of an electric vehicle varies depending on make and model, many excellent benefits will apply to them all, setting them apart from their petrol or diesel counterparts.


Cheaper to run

  • Little or no road tax, since road tax is based on exhaust emissions, most electric vehicles don't need to pay road tax.

  • No new car tax, instant saving of £140 paid on combustion vehicles.

  • Cheaper to run, electric vehicles cost approximately a quarter the price of petrol or diesel, on average you are looking at £5 per 100 miles if you charge at home.

Better for the environment and you

  • With zero exhaust emissions, electric vehicles are greener. They don’t produce carbon dioxide, a major contributor to greenhouse gases and environmental damage.

  • No harmful pollution, which can be a significant contributor to heart and lung disease

  • Less stressful, no engine noise or vibrations for a relaxed driving experience.

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Don't pay for low emission zones

  • Stop paying the London low emission zone or congestion charge fees.

  • Electric vehicle drivers are welcome in many UK towns and cities, introducing low emissions zones. Be aware though scheme registration may still be required to avoid incurring fees.

Charge from your own home

  • Charging times are dependent on vehicle and charger type. On average, you will be looking at 5-7 hours for a complete charge on a 7kWh home charger.

  • Energy tariffs; some suppliers and chargers allow you to charge your vehicle when the cost of electricity is at its cheapest.

  • Charging from home means no more visits to petrol stations.

  • Government grants are available of up to £500 towards the cost of a home charge point.


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